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Goodbye Nelson, Goodbye Freshman Year...

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I must be the last person in the world still at college! Right now I am the only person in Nelson Hall. I was the only resident here today, so I hung out with the RA's. Its really creepy here all alone. The walls and floors make noises and the doors shift on their own. Tanya you probably know what I'm talking about. I had a hard last few days- saying goodbye to some of the most amazing people I've ever known (and saying hello to another amazing woman, TANYA!). It was especially hard because I won't be here for fall semester... I won't see some of my friends until JANUARY. Its sad, but I haven't cried, so I think I am an official stoic. Anyway, I would love to reconnect with some of my non-Bethel amigos this summer, especially before I leave for Espana.
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N2! Best Floor Ever!
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melancholy melancholy
Dave Matthews Band
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On April 9th, 2011 06:42 pm (UTC), kikaoryx commented:
Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.

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On April 14th, 2011 07:26 pm (UTC), wimoelli commented:
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On November 3rd, 2011 12:07 pm (UTC), armaldalovy commented:
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